Prison to Success

Prison to Success

We can always learn from people who were able to overcome challenges. When those challenges include imprisonment, some people in society may resist offering second chances. That’s okay. We succeed anyway.

For example, take the case of Weldon Long. I profiled Weldon’s story on a webinar. You may watch the webinar to learn how he overcame three prison terms to build a successful company. He didn’t complain about challenges. Instead, Weldon took action.

Anyone can replicate Weldon’s success story. Be willing to work hard. Identify values that define who you are. Set clear goals. Then pursue success as you defined it with your values and goals with a 100 percent commitment. When you follow that path, taking incremental action steps, you build confidence. You also build a strong case for people to believe in you. Your support network wants you to succeed and they help.

Learn how to grow your support network with mentors.

When we live in the world as it exists, and we refrain from making excuses, we embolden ourselves. That attitude lifted Weldon Long from struggle to success.

You can do the same!

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