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In 2009, the Internal Revenue Service authorized The Straight-A Guide Foundation to begin operating as a 501-C-3 organization. Our IRS Tax Number follows: 27-1904346.

Since the Straight-A Guide Foundation is an authorized nonprofit, please check with your accountant to determine whether your purchase or donation qualifies as a tax deduction. Click here to receive a PDF of this section of our website.


Our Mission:

Since 2009, our nonprofit has worked to build safer communities. We create programs to teach and inspire people in prison. We create jobs for formerly incarcerated people. More than 100,000 people in prison advance through our books and courses each year. For a list of our books, please visit our bookstore. Your donations and purchases help to sustain our mission of helping people in prison prepare for law-abiding, contributing lives.


Our Collaborations:

Our team collaborates with local businesses to build do-it-yourself programs for people that want to advocate for themselves and solve problems. Learn more about The Straight-A Guide by visiting our bookstore.



Our offices are located at the following address:

Straight-A Guide Foundation
85 Enterprise #300
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

Our Team

William Wilson

William Wilson is a self-made businessman. He grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After graduating from high school, he began building a career in the hospitality industry. Over the course of 20-year career, he grew a sales team that generated more than $1 billion in revenues. Mr. Wilson believes in giving back to society and he joined the board of the Straight-A Guide Foundation as part of a community-service initiative.

Richard Folk

Richard Folk grew in north Seattle. Before becoming a successful entrepreneur, he built his career with a Fortune 500 company, rising to the level of Executive Vice President. In that role, Mr. Folk became responsible for leading a team that generated more than $300 million in annual revenues. He joined the Straight-A Guide Foundation with hopes of helping more people learn how to advocate for themselves.

Sharadora Leslie-Sisco

Sharadora Sisco has devoted her career to helping people from vulnerable populations. She is the Executive Director of the Straight-A Guide Foundation and works tirelessly to help us expand our reach. Under Ms. Sisco’s leadership, the Straight-A Guide Foundation has begun to partner with for-profit entities, helping to create job opportunities for formerly incarcerated people. She leads a team of more than 20 people at the Straight-A Guide Foundation.

Why Choose The Straight-A Guide Foundation

·  Learn proven strategies people to solve personal problems
·  Save money by learning strategies to advocate for yourself
·  Your purchase or donation supports our mission to prepare formerly incarcerated people for success


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